We are very proud to have the largest selection of 'ukuleles in San Diego. If you are looking for that perfect "starter" uke or even your first Hawai'i hand made instrument, we've got you covered.

From Hawai'i



These instruments are made on the island of O'ahu in Kane'ohe, HI. There are several more in stock, so please come by and check out these amazing instruments.


Hand crafted on O'ahu in Honolulu, HI. We have a range of sizes, so stop by and check out our stock!

Local Luthiers

Kimo 'Ukulele

Known for his beautiful wood selections, Kimo 'Ukuleles are breath taking and sound beautiful. His shop is located in San Marcos (north San Diego County). You will find several of his Tenor & Concert models at our store, so please come and visit.



Fred Shield Customs

Based out of the Mesa area of San Diego, Fred Shield creates fine custom instruments. These instruments are quite unique, and we have many more in our stock. Come by and try them out!


Romero Creations


Romero Creations are a unique line of production 'ukuleles designed by Pepe Romero Jr. Many of you may not know this, but Pepe Romero Jr.'s shop is right here in San Diego County. Though he is known for his Classical Guitars, he is gaining new fans with his fabulous 'ukuleles. The Romero Creations line comes in various types and sizes- Grand Tenor, Tiny Tenor, and XS Soprano. All are solid wood. The Tiny Tenor and XS Soprano models were co designed with Daniel Ho. We will also be carrying the Pepe Romero Signature model, which is a guitar. It is also the first Pepe Romero (Sr.) Signature model ever produced. All of these models are made in Vietnam, however, they are inspected by Pepe Romero Jr. for quality assurance. If you are looking for a custom Pepe Romero 'Ukulele, he is taking orders (however the waiting list is 2 years).

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