Romero Creations and MORE!

We've had the best two weeks ever! But let's start with today. 

We met with Daniel Ho and Pepe Romero Jr. to chat about Pepe's 'ukuleles and guitars. The instruments are beautifully designed and built. The unique design is in part to Daniel Ho. We got to try out the Extra Small Soprano, Tiny Tenor, Grand Tenor, AND the Pepe Romero Signature. All there is to say is WOW. Oh, and one other thing- you can NOW GET THEM here at Hale 'Ukulele! Please feel free to look at the Romero Creation website for more information. Come to the store and see how great they feel and sound. 

Left to Right: Pepe Romero Jr., Ric Marquis, & Daniel Ho

Left to Right: Pepe Romero Jr., Ric Marquis, & Daniel Ho

As you can tell from the photo- it was quite a treat to be visited by these two. And to think, Pepe Romero Jr. is right here in San Diego! We will also be carrying Pepe Romero Jr.'s custom string sets as well. Try them out to give a new life to your 'ukulele! 

Hopefully we can get Daniel to come down from LA and do a Master Class... Keep your fingers crossed.

Also in stock, we have gotten in some great new instruments. Kimo 'Ukulele has dropped off another fabulous Whale inlay uke!

We have also gotten some new Kanile'a and Pono! All the more reason to stop by and check out the store.